Saturday, January 26, 2019

Observe Me - Come & See

Observe Me - Come & See

Classroom observations - oh, man.  These can elicit fear in educators all over the world.  From scheduled to unscheduled observations, teachers feel the stress of other's evaluating them.  No doubt, when anyone feels someone is evaluating or judging them, it causes emotions of frustration, worried, and possibly anxiety.  But, why do we, as educators, feel this way?  Why do we look at getting feedback as a bad thing?  Getting feedback and using it to reflect upon our practice are the extremely important keys to professional growth.  

If you are wanting to try something new in the way of getting feedback on your professional practice or craft, try reading about the #observeme movement.  The #observeme movement involves inviting professional feedback on specific items that you want to grow in - identifying your areas of work, working on it, and asking other for feedback on it.  

I LOVED getting feedback on specific parts of my classroom and knowing what other's wanted feedback on.  Not only can other teachers give feedback, but parents, admin, counselors...anyone can offer feedback.  


Get that feedback....Get better....Give your best everyday in your classroom!  Kids deserve it!

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