Monday, March 26, 2018

What is an Education Foundation?

Do you ever wonder why you see "Education Foundations" around?  I mean, it seems that every school district has one, right?  Well, there is a very good reason for this!  Education Foundations raise private-sector funds that support academic goals in schools.  What an awesome thing to do!

In my district, Dripping Springs ISD, we have the Dripping Springs Education Foundation.  The foundation works tirelessly throughout the year to raise funds that help award teacher grants, student grants, and continuing education.  You might say, "Now don't my taxes pay for that already".  Now this is a topic for another post, but I would say that the education foundation supports what educators and students need to enhance their learning (not just the basics that your tax dollars pay for). 

Let's face it, we all know that education is an expensive craft.  Just "Google" a set of pattern blocks or a set of place value blocks.  You'll find that manipulatives such as these are expensive for just one class.  Click here if you don't believe me!  Even book boxes to hold books are expensive!  I mean...have you seen how many books your child's teacher has purchased?  Don't tell my husband, but I KNOW for a fact that I have over $2,000 worth of books in my classroom library.  😳  Even another blog post about how to build a classroom library on a budget says to ask for grant funding:  click here to read.

The education foundation helps fund things like a lending library for our school, a chicken coop for ongoing learning, and gardens for hands-on science.  These activities are not "basic" learning tools, and to bring these things to students we need outside funding.  Our educational foundation does just that!

I myself have applied for many grants, and while I have not always been awarded them (😒), I know that there have been teacher and student grants that have benefited more than just a few students.  In fact, many of the grants go towards the entire school!  This year, a group of my students wrote a grant to fund a lending library for our own school.  This is a book sharing program that doesn't require students to check out a book, but just read and return or donate has gotten students excited about browsing and reading books they may not have chosen at the library. 

Private support is needed to help our educational foundations run, to fund grants, and to fund programs.  With you help, you can support a school that will last for years.  The gardens at the elementary schools will bring learning, smiles, and knowledge about sustainability to children for years to come.  Please consider donating to our wonderful education foundation!  Your support means the world to us!

Each year our DS Education Foundation puts on a Gala!  It's the most fun, and if you've not been, you should come!  I've purchased a ticket every year for myself and's a fun date night.  And, hey, if you need a place to sit, come sit next to me!  I'll keep you entertained! 

There is always something to laugh is too short to be serious all of the time!

Our first year to go to the Gala...and have made it a tradition every since!

Check out the pictures below to see just how amazing children feel when they know they have helped their school!

Receiving Our Student Grant

I have a golden ticket to the Gala!

I was honored as DS Ed Foundation Teacher of the Term for Sycamore Springs El. this year.

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